Mobile UI mockups & prototype



This is a concept for an online trading platform for digital and film cameras. The application includes an extended set of features including a trading platform with an option of buying and reselling cameras.

The current value of various rare models can be tracked. Select brands can be tracked like stock indexes.
These are all incremental iterations over the design.

The user interface is made in Figma and Adobe After Effects. My main goal was to play with microinteractions and make something fun.

The design system is heavily influenced by Material design and follows those rules for icons, buttons, fonts and more.

Figma assets

Trading feature

App running on phone

Video with some of the trading features but without animations

iOS app camera store prototype from Lasse Kruse on Vimeo.

These gif animations show an experimental onboarding sequence where the users sees the applications gallery and a shopping feature.
User Interface mock up for mobile application

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